Bus service that gets a million federal bucks for dopers and loonies to ride shot gun on the packages.
Sniff me Peter Pan
by Chiau June 11, 2011
when you sword fight with a dildo and you get your woman in the anal hole
That peter pan was amazing!

ouch! that peter pan kinda hurt last night
by squillam bentit May 01, 2009
Slang for the bottom of the toilet (the pan)
Peter Pan took a real beating this morning!
I need to see Peter Pan!
Peter! I've got something for you!
by Gibby & Crombie June 19, 2012
Peter pan means money (peter pan being green)
this is most famously used by Nicki Minaj inher verse of "Take It Off" by Lloyd
You need a feature? Gimme my peter pan
by sharapstar October 11, 2010
A pan you beat off and cum in. It is synonymous with cum bucket.
Oh god, oh GOD, OH GODDDD, get the fucking PETER PANN!....*Spluuuurge*
by Haden7 August 28, 2010
1. Any man who refuses to grow up and accept his responsibilities.

2. Gay slang for a middle-aged or older gay man who refuses to grow up emotionally, chases after younger men and usually wears Abercrombie & Fitch and 2(x)ist tighty whities.
1. Get real! Your PlayStation playing, no job havin', weed smokn' boyfriend is never going to ask you to marry him.

2. I like Ted, but he's 43 and he's never had a real boyfriend. Either he's a circuit queen, a whore or a Peter Pan.
by dancingqueen March 07, 2005
a heterosexual of either gender who hangs out with/works with/ consorts primarily with homosexuals of either gender.
"dude, Jeff is such a Peter Pan." "huh?" "you know, he lives among the fairies." "oh, haha."
by visiblegirl September 28, 2006

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