1. An eccentric history teacher known for his characteristic stutter and for singing the "Rocky" theme song during class

2. Any person with lots of energy, but no way to express it
I..I..I'm, I'm P-Peter Shulman!
by Tumma May 06, 2004
Top Definition
Corduroy-pants-wearing, tea-mug-wielding, beard-sporting entity. Although short of stature, can easily be spotted wandering between buildings in search of students to recommend books to.
Hilary: Hi Peter!
Peter Shulman: Hello Hilary
Hilary: There he goes again ....
by Shulmanlover January 30, 2009
Peter Shulman is a very well known American Artist. One of the better known adopted and abused children who grew up to become well known. An art teacher known for his crazy but effective mentoring. He began his career as a painter in the mid 1960's with no formal training. Within three months after completion of his first painting, his Pop Art "Fried Egg" paintings were featured at the prestigious Bianchini Gallery in New York City next to the work of Pop Art icons Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Shulman's work has been in more than one hundred and ten (110) solo and four hundred (450) group exhibits.
Peter Shulman's self-taught, striking, hard-edged style is immediately identifiable. More than 2,000 of his acrylic, oil or enamel paintings on canvas have been sold and are featured in museums, universities and corporate offices, as well as in prized private collections around the world.
He is also a cult figure among the worlds war gamers because he has Peter Shulman's War which is acknowledged to be the largest outdoor war game in the world. It covers 20 acres and contains 10s of thousands of models and figures.
Peter Shulman's Eldridge Cleaver and Mother and Child paintings are world famous. His Paintings of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe are featured in many books on the arts.
Peter Shulman war game web site attracts over 100 thousand viewers a month.
by Gayeanne 2 April 23, 2006
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