An abnormality that affects nice good looking smart guys that prevents them from ever getting the girl or anything they feel that they deserve. They tend to help others but than the universe tends to screw them over for no apparent reason.
James: Hey, what did Sue say when you asked her out?
Sean: She said, "Awww, thats so sweet. I'll let you know"
James: That doesn't sound good at all man. Sounds like you just got friend zoned.
Sean: I figured. I assumed that if I helped her with her studies and brought up her grades she would finally go out with me.
James: Sounds like you have the Peter Parker Syndrome.
by monkeyd3128 January 30, 2012
Top Definition
Being brilliant but lazy.
I could have gottn an A if I didn't suffer from Peter Parker Syndrome.
by DarkElite777 December 03, 2007
Someone who is totally over obessed with Spiderman memorabilia.
Oh My God, Kelly, did you see his bedroom??!? Eww, This guy totally has Peter Parker Syndrome! Lets get out of here!
by WhalePunch27 July 20, 2009
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