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noun: An injury involving cutting, lacerating, or mangling one's hand, finger, or fingers on the strings or hardware of an electric guitar in the course of picking or strumming an electric guitar with extreme fervor and reckless abandon.

NOTE: The word is derived from the manner in which Pete Townshend – of The Who fame – frequently injured his right, strumming and picking hand during his performances, as he did his famous "windmills" and otherwise played with extreme passion and violence to the point of self-mutilation. Townshend once impaled the palm of his right hand with the vibrato arm of his Fender Stratocaster, which resulted in the cancellation of several shows of a concert tour.
Ex.: Robert did a Peteism, gashing his hand on the metal parts of his guitar as he played, while the strings and the guitar body were streaked with blood.
by Achilles Murat II October 27, 2011
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