Bassist, backup lyricist, and writer for hardcore band Fall Out Boy.
1. incredibly talented
2. loves yellow flowers
3. owns decaydance and clandestine industries
4. collects tranformers and hoodies
5. has a brain to backup his body
"Pete Wentz's lyrics have changed me as a person"
by galena April 01, 2007
the hot bassist and frontman of the coolest band ever.. fall out boy.
Pete Wentz is hot sex in a can!
by tic-tac August 24, 2004
noun: 1.) A pretentious "lyricist" and "bassist" for Blink-182 clone Fall Out Boy. Given to nonsensical, indecipherable and moronic pseudo-hipster musings which teenage girls mistake for lyrical genius.

2.) A "musician" that can't play while moving and yet jumps around onstage like a monkey in heat.

3.) A person who actually thinks that "You aren't who loves you, you're what you love" is a deep, thoughtful philosophical point.
Roy: Hey, man, did you see that video of Pete Wentz playing with his band?

John: Yeah, man... can he stand still for at least one song?

Roy: I don't think so, man... and those lyrics...

John: What do they even mean?

Roy: I don't know... why are we even thinking about that twerp?

John: No idea. You wanna get a beer?
by TeddyBear333 October 28, 2013
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third. The extreamly attractive and talented 28 year old bassist for the band Fall Out Boy. Pete, also known as PeterPanda, PeterPistol, PeterParker, and PeterPan, released pictures of his manly area to public on March 7th. This lead to many loss of Fall Out Boy fans, after the stunt was tagged as a publicity stunt. Pete has a widely known clothing-company called Clandestine Industries, and owns his own Record Company DecayDance. DecayDance is responsible for many bands such as Panic! At the Disco, Paramore, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, and the newer former MySpace band The Cab. He also owns an English Bulldog named Hemmingway, which is now becoming the newer mascot for Clandestine.
Viki- Did you see Pete Wentz on TV the other day?
Carli- Yes, I Did, I can't believe he's dating Ashlee Simpson.
Viki- I know! I just bought a new Clandestine jacket the other day.
Carli- Really? Which one?
Viki- The one with Hemmingway, Petes dog.
Carli- I saved his 'pictures' to my computer the other day.
Viki- Yes. Very interesting. I love Fall Out Boy ^_^
by Mrowr July 26, 2007
Awesome bassist for fabulous band called "Fall out boy" (other members are Patrick stump-lead vocalist, Joe Trohman - guitarist and Andy Hurley- drummer)He owns steetwear fashion label "Clandestine Industries" and record label "decaydance". Is extremely good looking and very talented in songwriting too.
Use in a sentence;
Friend: Who's the guy in the band "fall out Boy" that owns a fashion and record label?
You: Pete Wentz?
by Luie07 March 27, 2007
The extremely gorgeous 27 year old bass player in the band Fall Out Boy. Has a nice smile and a nack for writing lyrics. He owns Clandestine Industries and a part of Decaydance. He also discovered Panic! At The Disco. Guys dislike him only because girls like pete more than they like them.
Guy: Pete Wentz is so gheyyyy
Girl: No he's not. Hes way cooler than you.
Guy: So I guess you like his penis all over the web?
Girl: Well I am a yeah, I do. In your face.
by kristenxwentz December 30, 2006
The front poser of one of the worst bands in existence -- Fall Out Boy.
Me: I REALLY hate Pete Wentz. You should too.

Anonymous: Oooh, he's HAWT!!!!! ur so stupid.

Me: Wow. Love REALLY is skin deep. Congratulations, you're ugly to the bone.
by misterhandesome June 06, 2010

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