A severely overrated bassist. In fact, the majority of fallout boy are overrated, as are every other band out today. Christ, have any of you ever heard of steve harris? geddy? john paul jones? cliff burton? Alex webster?
Fucking pete wentz fan girls. No, you arent going to have his babies, you're going to have his crabs, gonnorhea, syphilis, and herpes, you stupid, brainwashed, cunts.
by jhrfdvyuhdregafdhgfdh August 05, 2007
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third. The extreamly attractive and talented 28 year old bassist for the band Fall Out Boy. Pete, also known as PeterPanda, PeterPistol, PeterParker, and PeterPan, released pictures of his manly area to public on March 7th. This lead to many loss of Fall Out Boy fans, after the stunt was tagged as a publicity stunt. Pete has a widely known clothing-company called Clandestine Industries, and owns his own Record Company DecayDance. DecayDance is responsible for many bands such as Panic! At the Disco, Paramore, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, and the newer former MySpace band The Cab. He also owns an English Bulldog named Hemmingway, which is now becoming the newer mascot for Clandestine.
Viki- Did you see Pete Wentz on TV the other day?
Carli- Yes, I Did, I can't believe he's dating Ashlee Simpson.
Viki- I know! I just bought a new Clandestine jacket the other day.
Carli- Really? Which one?
Viki- The one with Hemmingway, Petes dog.
Carli- I saved his 'pictures' to my computer the other day.
Viki- Yes. Very interesting. I love Fall Out Boy ^_^
by Mrowr July 26, 2007
1) Bassist for the pop (you are NOT punk, get over it) band Fall Out Boy, who nevertheless recieves more attention, fans (mostly little girls), camera time (in their axe-commercial music videos), and tabloid space then all other members of the band. Has his own clothing line, record label, and Ashley Simpson. Feels an unexplainable need to post pictures of his dick on the internet.
2) The root of all evil. The reason for bands with a lot of talent and potential like Panic! at the Disco reaching Top 40 radio to early (they should work for their fame, not be mass-produced in their first album.) The reason for millions of 13-year-old girls across the globe thinking they're punk because they have a picture of him in their locker. Most likely the reason Ashley Simpson is pregnant (supposedly). Pete Wentz can also be blamed for global warming, inflation, and the Minnesota bridge collapse.
1) Little Girl: OMG, Pete Wentz is sooo sexy. I like have a t-shirt by him, and a Fall Out Boy CD, and like a nude pic of him in my 6th grade locker! I'm like sooo punk and rebellious!

2) News Anchor: Today, a bridge in Minnesota collapsed, sending many cars into the river. The reason for the collapse is unknown. Also, children in Nigeria are dying. And the rate of homelessness is up. And the hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger.
Me: It's all Pete Wentz's fault.
by rachael with an a August 06, 2007
Awesome bassist for fabulous band called "Fall out boy" (other members are Patrick stump-lead vocalist, Joe Trohman - guitarist and Andy Hurley- drummer)He owns steetwear fashion label "Clandestine Industries" and record label "decaydance". Is extremely good looking and very talented in songwriting too.
Use in a sentence;
Friend: Who's the guy in the band "fall out Boy" that owns a fashion and record label?
You: Pete Wentz?
by Luie07 March 27, 2007
The extremely gorgeous 27 year old bass player in the band Fall Out Boy. Has a nice smile and a nack for writing lyrics. He owns Clandestine Industries and a part of Decaydance. He also discovered Panic! At The Disco. Guys dislike him only because girls like pete more than they like them.
Guy: Pete Wentz is so gheyyyy
Girl: No he's not. Hes way cooler than you.
Guy: So I guess you like his penis all over the web?
Girl: Well I am a girl...so yeah, I do. In your face.
by kristenxwentz December 30, 2006
An emo jackoff who plays boring ass bass lines with his shitty band, Fall Out Boy. He's shown his dick to the internet, and his only fans are teenyboppers (they don't like him for this music btw.) "Thumbs down" this quote all you want, you know it's the damn truth. Pete Wentz sucks (in more than one way I'd guess.)
Teenybopper: OMG lyk im lissenin to some Fall out boy and pete wentz iz lyk so HAWT!!111!!!111!
Normal person: Hell no, Fall out boy and pete wentz are big buckets of fail.
by jojomanlol August 18, 2008
Bassist for the band Fall Out Boy who steadily became more and more of a sell out. He married Ashlee Simpson and currently is the host of an MTV show. He also owns a shitty clothing company called Clandestine and has obviously forgotten about his band that made him famous in the first place. He has a large fanbase made up primarily of 14 year old emo girls, even though hes about 4 foot nothing and looks like a monkey.

by briiiii August 12, 2008

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