A-Bass Player in Morrisey obbsesed emo-ish MTV band.
B-Someone who likes to take pictures of his ding-ding and put them on the net.
A-"Geez,Fallout Boys new song sucks ass so much,it's worse then Panic!"
B-"Look at Tom.He put pictures of himself in the nude on his My Space page,what a Pete Wentz!"
by MissMurder May 31, 2006
n: a joke, a sorry excuse for a person, i-look-like-i-play-bass-but-i-don't
adj: conceited; ugly
Oh God, that guy is such a Pete Wentz!
by Jacqualina LaQuita April 02, 2006
Cassie P.'s man bye.
Cassie and Pete have nonstop sex.
by kathleen August 09, 2004
A sex act; when someone deficates on another persons chest while listening to the pop band Fall out boy.
Hey babe, wanna get down and do a Pete Wentz with me
by BigA357gp January 23, 2015

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