The bassist of Fall Out Boy. He is the least deserving of fame, fortune, and love, and is completely unappreciative of his success. All the so called "fame" he has gotten has gone to his head and that is the exact reason why he sucks. Anyone who defends him is probably just some fan that has never met him and wants to continue pretending that he is God.
Pete Wentz is the epitomy of douche.
by Anti-Pete Fanclub March 05, 2006
A bassist and writer in Fall Out Boy...but he's an ugly fuck so no wonder why he joined a band(which is just like every other scenester music....crap)
Girl 1# OMG is that Pete Wentz


Guy1# Omg it's Pete Wentz from that band fall out boy
Guy 2# My life is so depressing....
Guy1# We should chuck tomatoes at what?!
by Master Patrick Claire Thompson August 04, 2006
A nerdy looking guy from Fall Out Boy who brainless teeny boppers think is hot.
Brainless Teeny Bopper- OMG! Pete Wentz is so hot!!
Person with IQ >20- No he's not! He's ugly!
by Loi April 19, 2006
A-Bass Player in Morrisey obbsesed emo-ish MTV band.
B-Someone who likes to take pictures of his ding-ding and put them on the net.
A-"Geez,Fallout Boys new song sucks ass so much,it's worse then Panic!"
B-"Look at Tom.He put pictures of himself in the nude on his My Space page,what a Pete Wentz!"
by MissMurder May 31, 2006
A major douchebag that split up the pop-punk music scene when he and "Hey Chris" started fighting. He's rather tasteless, a self-recognized asshole, and he likes to lick his bass on stage. Poor bass.
xxmyxheartxdiesxeveryxtimexx: I'm on Team Wentz.
Person 2: OMG! I hate Pete Wentz.
Person 3: I'm on Team Stfu Already.
by Team PWIADAWSKHSBLA March 03, 2006
n: a joke, a sorry excuse for a person, i-look-like-i-play-bass-but-i-don't
adj: conceited; ugly
Oh God, that guy is such a Pete Wentz!
by Jacqualina LaQuita April 02, 2006
Cassie P.'s man bye.
Cassie and Pete have nonstop sex.
by kathleen August 09, 2004

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