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Fall out boy's bassist. Has no song writing talent whatsoever, in either his lyrics or his basslines. I've heard more talent on the bass from my 6 year old cousin.
Every song of his includes the same notes over and over again, its just 8th notes of the root. All he's ever written is a horrible monotoneous, uncreative rhythm. I guess the advantage of this is that emo's can now cut their wrists to a beat.
Bassists are being considered jokes cus of guys like this. He and other shit bands of the same genre are just selling the same crap over and over again.
emokid: i love pete and his music
normalkid: pete is shit
emokid:*sobs* *cuts*

emokid manages to play four notes one after the other: "im soo the next pete wentz"
by ScampMcBass October 01, 2006
Just a stupid, gay bassist from the untalented band fall out boy that all teen girls seem to like, might be the wang shots he posted online?
Guy 1: You ever hear that Pete Wentz guy play?
Guy 2: Yeah and he sucks to the max
Guy 1: Hellz ya
by Adam Ritchie August 31, 2006
the bassist and song writer for amazing band fall out boy. he was born on June 5th in Wilmette, Illinois. he's very very good looking. part of an amazing band. he's currently engaged to Rose *no surname given* from Manchester England, they plan to get married in August.
'dammmnnn pete wentz is like soooo hawt!'
by fishcakebanana April 02, 2007
The bassist of Fall Out Boy. He is the least deserving of fame, fortune, and love, and is completely unappreciative of his success. All the so called "fame" he has gotten has gone to his head and that is the exact reason why he sucks. Anyone who defends him is probably just some fan that has never met him and wants to continue pretending that he is God.
Pete Wentz is the epitomy of douche.
by Anti-Pete Fanclub March 05, 2006
A bassist and writer in Fall Out Boy...but he's an ugly fuck so no wonder why he joined a band(which is just like every other scenester music....crap)
Girl 1# OMG is that Pete Wentz


Guy1# Omg it's Pete Wentz from that band fall out boy
Guy 2# My life is so depressing....
Guy1# We should chuck tomatoes at hi...er what?!
by Master Patrick Claire Thompson August 04, 2006
A nerdy looking guy from Fall Out Boy who brainless teeny boppers think is hot.
Brainless Teeny Bopper- OMG! Pete Wentz is so hot!!
Person with IQ >20- No he's not! He's ugly!
by Loi April 19, 2006
A major douchebag that split up the pop-punk music scene when he and "Hey Chris" started fighting. He's rather tasteless, a self-recognized asshole, and he likes to lick his bass on stage. Poor bass.
xxmyxheartxdiesxeveryxtimexx: I'm on Team Wentz.
Person 2: OMG! I hate Pete Wentz.
Person 3: I'm on Team Stfu Already.
by Team PWIADAWSKHSBLA March 03, 2006