A fucking ass-hole and he sucks dick. He tried to kill himself with prozak because he is not smart enough to use it the right way. My friend knows him and he sucks he hates me because I called him a ugly bith over the phone. He sells overpriced shitty clothing, and uses ugly chicks for his models. He also said he was gay on camera. He had sex with a 15 year old that I know. if you want his email just email me. rivenmaster101@aim.com
guy: Pete Wentz sucks ass.
guy 2: I know he fingers guys asses.
by homiejuggalo August 23, 2006
honestly. this guys a fucking idiot. oh, and thanks for panic at the disco pete. way to go.
someone: omgah... dont you like pete wentz? musician, lyricist, bassist, oh and a hotttttiee!

me: stfu
by mckinney November 01, 2007
Pete wentz ( full name Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III )is the awsumist bassit from the awsumist Fall Out Boyin 2005 pete attempted suicide ( though he does not like to call it that)he was in hospital for a short time and took some time to recover before returning back to Fall Out Boyin 2006 he took photos of his p33n and it took many people of fall out boy. Pete also is the owner of Clandestine industries
and he is one of the hottest duddes eva!
pete wentz lyrics:i sat outside my front window...this stories going somewhere
he's well hung and i am hanging up
by Brooke M November 29, 2006
Th bassist of Fall Out Boy, a talented band. Has hairy nipples
girl 1: omg pete wentz is so hott!!
girl 2: he's ok, but hes has hairy nipples...
by taylorrawr August 01, 2008
Pete Wentz is the bassist of pop-punk band, Fall Out Boy.
He has a dog called Hemingway (who is much mroe attractive than his owner).
He is an overrated, hypocritical, conceited, lying asshole.
He says that he is Straight Edge but really is a man whore who has various STIs caught from many male AND female sexual partners.
He enjoys jumping into a crowd from heights who do not even appreciate him enough to catch that stupid bogan.
Pete likes to think he's smart and writes in cryptic writing a lot so people don't really see how he really feels.
That is -- lonely.
The conseqeunce of his own stupidity and 'dickheadedness'.
Pete Wentz only gives a crap for fans who are physically attractive and believes he too is gifted with physical beauty and continues hogging the spotlight.
He is false modest.
Pete Wentz usually appears to be a naive, confused 14 year old girl in a 27 year old man's body.'
He is a shit friend and a stingy loser.
Pete Wentz is a bogan.

Team Gutierrez.
by ClydeClydeClyde March 18, 2007
Pete Wentz is a stupid,gay try-hard who should die imediatly.He IS emo as is his gay band,Fall Out Boy or,Fall Out of your arse Boy.(FOB)(gay)(pete)(pete wentz)(arse)
Lily:Hey do you like fall Out of your arse Boy?
Scarlett:No I hope they nall die expecially Pete Wentz who is gay
Lily:yeah,I know.
by Leonie87 January 22, 2008
a fucking gay prick from a terribly shitty SELLOUT band called fall out boy. has an army of 12 year old bisexual fans who insist he is "fxin sexii" .he is also a shitty bassist. nothing compared to tom araya. anyone who listens to this excuse for a rock band can suck my balls bizatch. go listen to some real music.(slipknot,slayer,killswitch engage,bullet for my valentine,metallica etc) NO NOT MCR.
person 1:ewwww that dudes so emo.
person 2:hes molesting that dudes arse.
person 3:holy shit thats pete wentz *throws bottle*
by bobiii August 23, 2007
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