Bassist of band called Fall Out Boy. Lyricist of Fall Out Boy. Originally from Wilmette, Illinois.
That Pete Wentz is hot.
by Rennae May 25, 2008
bassist and lyricist for the pop/punk/emo (with random screaming, especially on second/first c.d., take this to your grave) band, fall out boy.
does most of the speaking for the band in interviews, on their web site, etc.
born in wilmette (a suburb of chicago), ohio.
lives with his parents.
wears girl jeans better than most girls.
runs decaydance records and clandestine clothing inc.
lyrics are simultaneously amusing and heartbreaking.
has famously long titles for songs that often include allusions to other media.
"gee golly, pete wentz sure is cool."

"on the drive home/joke about the kid you used to see and his jealousy/breaking hearts has never looked so cool/as when you wrap your car around a tree/your makeup looks so great next to his teeth"

sort of funny, sort of sad and creepy.

"it is not a side effect of the cocaine, i am thinking it must be love" - title on "my heart will always be the b-side to my tongue" that is a bowie line from "station to station".
pete wentz is an emo legend. his eyeliner could literally kill a man. he was born on June 5, 1979, the emo chistmas.
"dude why did you buy all that eyeliner?"
"I must please the emo god, Pete Wentz."
by hirohamada April 24, 2015
the hot bassist and frontman of the coolest band ever.. fall out boy.
Pete Wentz is hot sex in a can!
by tic-tac August 24, 2004
A sex act; when someone deficates on another persons chest while listening to the pop band Fall out boy.
Hey babe, wanna get down and do a Pete Wentz with me
by BigA357gp January 23, 2015
A severely overrated bassist. In fact, the majority of fallout boy are overrated, as are every other band out today. Christ, have any of you ever heard of steve harris? geddy? john paul jones? cliff burton? Alex webster?
Fucking pete wentz fan girls. No, you arent going to have his babies, you're going to have his crabs, gonnorhea, syphilis, and herpes, you stupid, brainwashed, cunts.
by jhrfdvyuhdregafdhgfdh August 05, 2007
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III is the bass player in band Fall Out Boy. In 2015, he died his hair pink, claiming to be a "cherry blossom" coming from the lyrics in FOB's song 'Centuries' on their album American Beauty/American Psycho released on January 20, 2015
Pete Wentz is wonderful
by PeterLewisKingstonWentzIII April 17, 2015

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