a sexual position involving anal sex where the head of an electric bass is used to insert into the other party's anus, and a pair of deer antlers are used to rake the same person's back. The second party, or "victim" then shouts, "HE IS A GENTLEMAN!!!"
Dude, I went to a Fallout Boy concert last week and members of NAMBLA were there giving out free Pete Wentz's. Everyone was doin' it!!!
#pete #wentz #fall #out #boy #falloutboy #anal #sugar we're going down
by thebarry2001 April 10, 2007
The bassist for the band Fall Out Boy who deserves a break from both overpowering audiences.
audience 1- mindless, band-wagon-hopping, teenyboppers. pete is not 'hawtttt' or 'shmexiii'. he's a person, not a piece of meat.
audience 2- whords of asshats who souly believe that the only people who like fall out boy are the ones who make out with his pictures. there is such a thing as a true fall out boy fan. mtv ruins lives and bands,and this is just another example. and besides, fall out boy beats shit out of "this is why im hot," and "BALLIN!" anyday.

**also, patrick writes all the music for the songs.pete just does lyrics, so everyone who claims that "pete's melodies and beats suck, he writes bad bass parts, etc." need to shove it. fuckers.

stupid_teeny_bopper1348 - OMHFG! fob rawks.i wen 2 da conzert.pete wentz be da shmexiiest boi eva.he be poppinn.n all hawt n sh*t.
me - wow.your so cool, its sickening.i mean really, its making me sick.
#pancakes #yo mamma #gumbo #taco bell #teeny
by shoobybooby September 11, 2007
1.bassist and primary lyricist of the alternative Chicago-based band Fall Out Boy
2.the most adorable 27 year old growly faced bassist i have ever seen. writes amazing lyrics and song titles.
3.devoted band member. creative and writes from his heart, not afraid of being himself, what i would consider to be the most gorgeous bassist and lyricist of all time.

"wear me like a locket around your throat,
i'll weigh you down, i'll watch you choke.
you look so good in blue."

^see? told you pete wentz's lyrics are amazing.
#gorgeous #lyricist #bassist #fall out boy #growly face
by brittney and jourdan<3 September 20, 2006
the only reason FOB is known and why girls like the band
miss do you like FOB? girl: lyke omgzz yes! pete wentz islike soo hawt
#pete wentz #fall out boy #fob #gay #homo #ashlee simpson
by mimixxelite February 10, 2008
Talented lyricist and bassist for the popular band Fall Out Boy. Cool, but is overrated at times.
As much as I like Pete Wentz, it would great if Patrick, Joe, and Andy could get noticed more.
#handsome #hot #short #lyricist #tattoos
by ~*Foxy Lady*~ October 16, 2006
pete wentz is the amazing basist for fob (fall out boy). he also writes the songs for the band. he's amazingly hott.
pete wentz once wrote,
take aim at myself, take back what you said
#pete #amazing #basist #hot #songwriter
by alyssarose June 23, 2006
Bassist, backup lyricist, and writer for hardcore band Fall Out Boy.
1. incredibly talented
2. loves yellow flowers
3. owns decaydance and clandestine industries
4. collects tranformers and hoodies
5. has a brain to backup his body
"Pete Wentz's lyrics have changed me as a person"
#pete wentz #fall out boy #p33t w3ntz #peterpanda #peterpan
by galena April 01, 2007
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