Best guitarist the world has ever seen. Guitarist/Singer of Legendary rock band, The Who. Famed for writing the worlds two greatest rock operas, Tommy and Quadrophenia.
Known for his aggresive treatment of the guitar, feedback and power-chord style.
Limp Bizcut- I wish i could write like Pete Townshend can. Then i would have hits.

Unknown person- Wow, hold up man. Why dont you just cover his songs and slaughter them to pieces?
by {J}{U}{S}{T}{I}{N} July 11, 2008
Top Definition
The greatest mind Rock has ever seen.
Listen to the album 'Quadrophenia' and try to dispute that definition.
by Steve December 12, 2003
Godfather of rock, lead gitarist, vocalist and main composer for The Who.

Falsely accused of downloading child porn in 2003, and found innocent later. Ridiculous accusation, since he was abused as a child himself and used his music to come to grips with it.
Main composer of My Generation, Tommy, Who's Next, Quadrophenia and much more.
by Jeroen Keip March 29, 2005
a guy who almost got arrested for child porn.... thats creepy
an old old old rocker guy
by pooper February 28, 2005
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