A person with a very small head, also means "ugly face"
man1; HAHAH, Look at that petah.
man2; Dont laugh. He got his head stuck in a tea cup when he was a child
by southwest December 07, 2004
Top Definition
an event when a group of friends or people smoke marijuana together.
Cute Girl:OMG! you should've been with us last night!

Hot Girl:Why? What Happened?

Cute Girl:We all did Petah at the same time.

Hot Girl:you mean that cute,sexy peter jusnic kid?

Cute Girl:No, I meant we all got high together.

Hot Girl:Ooooh..

Cute Girl:But He is cute and sexy..
by Pajama August 01, 2008
A downer's name, or the name of a downer.

Hello, my name is PETAH.
by GWEG March 11, 2004
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