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I vegetarian that eats fish.
by TinyTara January 07, 2012
What vegetarians / veggies eat, as most people know, can easily be explained - they will not anything which was once part of a sentient being with a face, pretty simple. However there are those who call themselves vegetarians but still devour atleast one species usually the poor fish, occassionally the innocent little chicken - hence they have become know peskitarians.
Veggie - I gonna av a chessun pickle sarnie now, what are you avin?
Vegan - I'm doin myself a jacket spud with beans.
Peskitarian - I thought I could go and get fish & chips.
Veggie & Vegan - WHAT!!!
Veggie - Vegetarians don't eat murder victims, remember that song Meat Is Murder.
by Pigsty March 04, 2007
A person who tries to wear a "I'm saving the animals" badge, with going to little to no effort, by eating fish instead of our 4-legged friends (GM Chicken).

They are considered annoying, as they have no moral grounding, hence the play with words, "Pesky"+"tarian".
'Yeah I don't like to eat animals, only fish as they have no feelings and have short memories'

'Oh I c, ur a Peskitarian...'
by Joshua Langley May 03, 2007

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