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Peru is a city nestled in the heart of the illinois valley. by far peru is the largest and has multiple stores such as walmart, target, peru mall, kmart, hobby lobby, mendards etc. peru also has many restaurants such as culvers, buffalo wild wings, apple bees etc. with all these attractions, peru is pretty boring. the mall has almost no stores but a movie theater. peru also has a bowling ally which most of the time is occupied by leagues.
Teenagers/adolecents from peru often see themselves as higher on the social chain than those from lasalle or oglesby. They become quite offended if mistaken to be from a different city.
Peru children go to LaSalle-Peru township highschool, home of the Cavaliers. The Cavs, as the are nicknamed, have a kick ass volleyball team, basketball teams, baseball/softball teams. The football team is often a dissapointment, but some years the boys do quite well. Football games and Basketball games are Lp's main attraction. They have a pretty good arts division as well. However due to budget cuts, Lp is without an agricultural program The Cavs are known for their rowdy and supportive superfans who wear ridiculous costumes at all home basketball and football games. Lps biggest rivals are geneseo, streator, and of course OTTAWA
Person 1: Are you from LaSalle?

Peruvian: Hell no! Do i look like i'm from lasalle? I'm definitely from Peru, Illinois
by #beentheredonethat November 21, 2011
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