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Also called PAHS, it is an overcrowded and outdated school compared to other schools in Perth Amboy. An almost segregated school, it is 86% Hispanic. Puerto Ricans are becoming a minority. What is left of them is mainly Puerto Rican trash. The Dominicans are moving and taking over. Most of the Dominicans are first generation. The rest are second generation. As for the Puerto Ricans, they are just Americans with "blind" pride. They are proud of the flag and the food yet they've never lived in Puerto Rico. You'd be suprised how many do not know Spanish. Instead they'd rather act white, be wapanese or wiggers. The latter being the preferable. How's that for "Mi Orgullo"? However they seem quiet compared to the Dominicans. I ger along with the Dominicans but they all dress, talk, and act loud and boy are they gossipy. They wear tank tops, and miniskirts-even in winter. To put it bluntly they, especially the men, act like they own the place. They copied their sense of pride and code of sticking together from the Puerto Ricans. Go over to PAHS on February 27 (DR ind. day). 35% of the school is draped in flags, shirts,etc. Now go on PR day. Not many people have anything Puerto Rican. There are also, to a lesser degree, Blacks, Whites, and Mexicans. As in any other school, cliques are important. There are geeks, anime freaks, jocks, newly arrived immigrants, and the ditzy/sluts. Spanglish is the language of choice. The suspension rate was 35% no thanks to D Block. D (stands for Dominican) Block is a gang in school. They harass black athletes.
I'm so glad that those 16 troublemakers are expelled.
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