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Noun. When a girl has both a great personality and good set of tits.
My girlfriend has a nice pair of personalitits

Im in love with her personalitits
by pastaguy101 August 23, 2012
Noun- When you know you're supposed to like a girl mostly for her personality, but her tits overpower her personality and is the main reason any guy is interested in her.
Person 1: That girl has a nice pair of tits!
Person 2: Dude! You're supposed to like her for her personality
Person 1: Well, I like her for her personalitits ;)
by burgerva February 22, 2015
When a set of boobs are so large or awesome or beautiful they deserve their own names or special treatment.
Ken: Wow Jens personalitits deserve a shot each those things are awesome
Matt: Just give them to Jen they share the same blood stream
by Ben&Jerry Suck February 19, 2011

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