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An ultra-euphoric and positively magical record by Panda Bear, aka Noah Lennox. Kind of like a mix between The Beach Boys and a highly eclectic DJ-set (or maybe something like Four Tet), the seven tracks on this album are built from reverby loops which sample everything from 60s surf pop and psych-rock (Bros, Take Pills), to chanting choirs (Comfy in Nautica, I'm Not), to Indian tablas, dub, and hip hop beats (Good Girl/Carrots), and even Enya (Search for Delicious). The result is a fun, colourful, and entertaining album that jumps through genres while maintaining a cohesive, singular sound. It's good for studying, or for relaxing after a day of mind-numbing work, or for simply drowning out your cognitive functions via headphones.

The album is also notable for its Brain Wilson-ish harmonies, and also for using dreamy reverb before dreamy reverb became a "chillwave" trend (not that it doesn't sound good, but the average listener can only take so many cocteau twins impressions before it gets boring!).
Panda Bear: i dooo love you and i want to holdd ooonnnn to yoooouuuu fooorrr allwwaaayyss.
Nameless Human: Thanks bro!

Average Person Pitch Listener: Well, that was a rather nice album.
by midtown February 22, 2012
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