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(pronounced PERJZH - AYN - EE - EN)

A compromise between the words "Persian" and "Iraynian."

Adjective used to describe people living in the US or Europe whose parents or ancestors hail from Iran and who speak Farsi (the Persianian language).

The term was coined in order to bring unity between different schools of thought in the Persianian community on how to identify themselves.
White co-worker/classmate John: "Dude Mehrdad where are you from?"

Mehrdad: "I was born in Laguna Niguel, California but I am Persian."

John: "Like in the movie 300? But Persia doesn't exist anymore!"

Mehrdad: "My parents are from Iran. People from Iran are Persian."

John: "If you're from Iran wouldn't that make you Iranian?"

Mehrdad: "No I am Persian."

Sohrab: "You are both wrong. Mehrdad is Persianian."

John: "Ohhh. Now it all makes sense."

Mehrdad: "Okay if you guys don't mind I have to go study for my Loyola Law School finals now."
by RAB1985 August 07, 2012
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