A man of usually Persian descent who has excessive body hair, especially on the back, almost imitative of a Persian rug. Also known as a "magic carpet" and less commonly called an "Iranian rug."
That Persian rug is better left with a shirt on his back.
by pr. November 15, 2007
Top Definition
Modern Cockney Slang for Drugs
...are you getting any persian rugs in tonight?!
by Fordy August 21, 2006
Q, Did you see the Persian Rugs last night??

A, Yes they are well fit and they are the best band in the world
by A FAN OF THE PERSIAN RUGS October 14, 2011
To give a Persian Rug. The act of masturbating and spreading your sperm over you're gay partner's chest or back. Then using the sperm as an adhesive for sticking on your pubic hair.
Tom's Chest was hairy after sex because Jack gave him a Persian Rug
by nidoking October 16, 2014
The copious amount of body hair found on the chest and/or back of an Iranian man.
Did you SEE the hair on that Iranian guy at the pool the other day?

Yeah, talk about a Persian Rug.
by Fuhsaz May 24, 2015
hairy Persian pussay
When Venus stopped shaving in the middle of our relationship, she started growing a classic Tehrani persian rug.
by danthemaninamysbehind March 24, 2009

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