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The greatest rock/jam band of all time.
Dude, last night Perpetual Groove played so well at the Georgia Theater.
by swizzie26 October 31, 2008
Often referred to as "P-Groove". A highly mediocre jam band that sounds like watered-down Phish. Usually adored by fake hippies and/or people who have likely never heard music by more competent bands like Phish, Widespread Panic, or moe.
TOOL: Yahhh brah, did you go to that sick ass P-Groove show brahh??? That light show was some dank ass chronic shit
EDUCATED MUSIC FAN: I'd rather save my money and watch a Phish DVD. And Perpetual Groove's light show is way more impressive than their music.
by tight_as_a_tourniquet September 30, 2008
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