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Action verb: What happens to people who mistakenly refer to an Italian in a derrogatory fashion.
Dave from Buffalo said the wrong thing about Italians and he got Perniciaro'ed.
by cman0586 February 03, 2011
Italian name meaning bird hunter
Not a red neck!! Perniciaro gang
by Lucky808 March 29, 2009
My last name that is Italian. It is pronounced Pen-uh-share-o.
My name is Nick Perniciaro
by nick296 August 20, 2008
a red neck, usually from the south. Someone who doesn't necessarily know the are a red neck, and may even claim to be from the north (maybe chicago for example).
Did you see that guy's front lawn? It looked like a dirty perniciaro lives there.
by david Altamirano September 03, 2008