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Commonly referred to as PBS, Permanent Boner Syndrome is a condition resulting from prolonged exposure to an exceptionally attractive woman, such as a Boner of the Month. It is marked by a gradual erection of the penis during such exposure until the penis achieves fully erect status. Symptoms include extreme tightness in pants, the inability to concentrate, the inability to stand, and an overall inability to function properly in society.

Once fully erect, the penis remains erect until ejaculation. Because the erection lasts and will not subside until ejaculation, it is categorized as permanent. Ejaculation can be accomplished 1 of 3 ways:
1) sexual intercourse with the actual woman that gave rise to the erection,
2) sexual intercourse with a different woman while thinking of the woman that gave rise to the erection, or
3) masturbation
Frank: Man that Mari in our con law class is smokin'
Jeff: Yeah, definitely Boner of the Month material
Frank: You don't even know. I gotta run home after every class to take care of my PBS
Jeff: Bro, you have to control your Permanent Boner Syndrome. It's ruining your life
by Franky Bananas March 07, 2009
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