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Any form of pretty old 'art' as in theatre or cinema from the middle ages all the way to around the 20's. Although some say it goes also into the 40's. Basically any form of art that describes a period and class of people in history.
While Shakespere plays and the origanal Little Women movie are definately considered period pieces it is argueable whether the same can be said about westerns.
by wateriestfire April 22, 2006
A historical drama, synonymous with history's misogynistic and chauvinistic tendencies, that you end up watching with your woman during her period.
Dude 1: What'd you do this weekend?
Dude 2: Oh, just relaxed, watched some period pieces with the wife.
Dude 1: Oh...O-OH you poor bastard she's on the rag, I get it!
Dude 2: Yeah. Can I hang at your place and get right watching things that don't suck?
by MSMStud March 05, 2014
Movies and shows that women like to watch during "lady days."
Wanna watch Terminator? Sorry honey, I'm watching a movie on Oxygen. Greeeeat, another Period Piece.
by Skitch360 September 09, 2010
A girl you'd love to tap but she won't because she's on the rag.
It ain't happenin with my girl tonight. I'm an understanding guy, but she won't be my period piece.
by Squonch July 28, 2010
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