Perez Hilton (Mario Lavandeira),Cuban american , blogger/ celeberty, he is a homosexual who refers himself as a queen. he blogs about gossip and about stardum and his life. he is annyoing and obnauxious. He discualified Miss California for saying that she dosent agree with gay another insident he got punched by Will IAM's body guard for pestering Will IAM from black eye peas. he also guest stared in nicolodian's victorious show with victoria justice.
Perez Hilton is a duce and a prick and he is a disgrace to us cubans everywere
Perez Hilton= prick,ass hole jerk, anoying
by baka kuso yaro March 18, 2011
The mother fucker who has it out for directioners. Has no life and is the most hated man alive. He wants to start all world battle and directioners will win.
by Directioner4lifebitch August 23, 2012

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