A cola that has a flatter, more acidic taste than Coca-Cola.
Regular Coke is a lot better than regular Pepsi, but diet Pepsi Twist is better than other diet colas.
by Anonymous July 27, 2004
imitation coca-cola. Everything about it is a rip-off of coke, and always WILL be. That just shows you how original pepsi REALLY is, you know. Why don't you just drink your diarrhea problems away to Britney Spears and Beyonce songs it you like it, you terd of toast!
Pepsi may have cocaine in it, wherein coke USED to have it, and pepsi may be involved with the Black Market too.
owes alot of money to britney spears
lalala! drink pepsi! Lalala! wheres my money!!!
by Johnothan_k September 16, 2003
The worst excuse for a soda on the face of the earth. Coca-cola, commonly known as coke, is much better.
Drink Coke, it's better than Pepsi.
by Keegster April 28, 2003
to drink the soda then go out goin and kill whoever is in your house!!!
"drink drink drink (pepsi only)"

"hey sam how about we go in your house?"

"ok tyler. look at me samm i can swing upside down!"

"now time to kill!"

''plz not me"

"stab stab stab!"
by shaggy97 February 13, 2010
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