acronym for "please enter penis slowly inside"
wow she was wearing tights with pepsi written on her booty
by KGB_ February 14, 2011
A beer.
Boss: Timmy, ya' have one too many pepsis last night?
Timmy: Shmeh...yeah, I had a couple o' pepsis alright...
by etotheipi April 26, 2010
what you drink after sex
*Laying in bed after sex* I need a pepsi.
by fuckinginsane June 18, 2008
a code word used for alcohol
"Dude I wanna get krunk!! Let's get some pepsi!!"
by slothman81690 March 13, 2008
A cola that has a flatter, more acidic taste than Coca-Cola.
Regular Coke is a lot better than regular Pepsi, but diet Pepsi Twist is better than other diet colas.
by Anonymous July 27, 2004
owes alot of money to britney spears
lalala! drink pepsi! Lalala! wheres my money!!!
by Johnothan_k September 16, 2003
to drink the soda then go out goin and kill whoever is in your house!!!
"drink drink drink (pepsi only)"

"hey sam how about we go in your house?"

"ok tyler. look at me samm i can swing upside down!"

"now time to kill!"

''plz not me"

"stab stab stab!"
by shaggy97 February 13, 2010

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