alternative name for coke (cocaine)
She loves the fizzy feeling pepsi leaves in her nose / oop, looks like she's going for the pepsi challenge in the vip room
by vonchali December 22, 2010
An offensive term for French Canadians. Signifying that they are empty from the neck up like Pepsi bottles.
That arrogant pepsi stole my danish and refused to compensate me.
by joepiscapo February 04, 2010
A word used to accuse one of over-advertising or fiercly copying from another better company from yours
by sum_guy September 18, 2003
The worst excuse for a soda on the face of the earth. Coca-cola, commonly known as coke, is much better.
Drink Coke, it's better than Pepsi.
by Keegster April 28, 2003
The best tasting soda on the face of this planet. Older relative of Mountain Dew, which Coke has failed to create an equal soda of such awesomeness. Pepsi isn't cheap teeth rotting sludge that can clean acid off a car battery.
Bernie: Hey, when was the last time you had a Coke?
Boris: When I used it to clean off my car battery.
Bernie: Want a Pepsi?
Boris: Why not? At least it won't rot my teeth!
by Mr. $mithers December 06, 2009
Pop (or soda) that comes in different varieties. It is the main competetor with Coca-Cola, and a good alternative to heavy boozing.
Pepsi comes in several kinds now. They include: Original, full-calorie Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi, special half-calorie Pepsi, and Christmas Spice Pepsi.
I think I'll have a Pepsi.
by jonesy December 11, 2004
imitation coca-cola. Everything about it is a rip-off of coke, and always WILL be. That just shows you how original pepsi REALLY is, you know. Why don't you just drink your diarrhea problems away to Britney Spears and Beyonce songs it you like it, you terd of toast!
Pepsi may have cocaine in it, wherein coke USED to have it, and pepsi may be involved with the Black Market too.

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