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this is something that you drink; kind of pop
Michaela-Hey get me a pepsi
by Bananas123332 June 18, 2008
6 8
A word used to accuse one of over-advertising or fiercly copying from another better company from yours
by sum_guy September 18, 2003
34 36
acronym for "please enter penis slowly inside"
wow she was wearing tights with pepsi written on her booty
by KGB_ February 14, 2011
19 22
A cola that has a flatter, more acidic taste than Coca-Cola.
Regular Coke is a lot better than regular Pepsi, but diet Pepsi Twist is better than other diet colas.
by Anonymous July 27, 2004
33 36
imitation coca-cola. Everything about it is a rip-off of coke, and always WILL be. That just shows you how original pepsi REALLY is, you know. Why don't you just drink your diarrhea problems away to Britney Spears and Beyonce songs it you like it, you terd of toast!
Pepsi may have cocaine in it, wherein coke USED to have it, and pepsi may be involved with the Black Market too.
40 43
A cola-flavored soft drink originating about 10 years after Coca-Cola. It seems to have more of a burning taste than Coke, but Coke has a denser flavor and consistancy, if you ask me. I personally like Pepsi a little bit more than Coke, but I love them both. Pepsi is also the name of the manufacturer of Pepsi-Cola.
Aquafina is developed by Pepsi.
I will have a medium Pepsi, thanks.
by Brian M January 03, 2004
70 73
A beer.
Boss: Timmy, ya' have one too many pepsis last night?
Timmy: Shmeh...yeah, I had a couple o' pepsis alright...
by etotheipi April 26, 2010
1 5