Pure crap, drink Coke products or from the independent company Dr. Pepper
First and last time Pepsi drinker: ''Whoa! what was that, you mean they actually call that a soft drink.Excuse me while I vomit(puke),next time I'll think smarter and drink Coke Products.''
by Cokefan December 30, 2003
A term used when a guy gets a boner or gets the tingles before the "flagpole raise."
Girl in really short skirt walks by.

Gross old man, "Pepsi!"
by c.y.a.n.i.d.e October 05, 2011
P.usyy E.aters P.lease S.ay I
Hey are you a PEPSI person?
by aerogirl July 24, 2011
this is something that you drink; kind of pop
Michaela-Hey get me a pepsi
by Bananas123332 June 18, 2008
A cheap remake of coca-cola. Most commonly consumed by people who are colorblind and cannot see that it is in fact Pepsi and not cocacola. However, they don't drink very much of it, because it tastes revolting and they realize what it is in the first sip and throw it at the nearest bum.
Wtf mister pizza guy??!!! I asked for coke!!! What is this nasty blue crap?!?!!???!!?

Uhh.... pepsi? It tastes like exactly the same dude.

Have you ever tried it?

No, but i heard that from my colorblind friend.

He was drinkin a coke man. Taste this shit.

-drinks a little, then spits it out-


i know man.
by Burnt pancake April 15, 2008
The worst excuse for a soda on the face of the earth. Coca-cola, commonly known as coke, is much better.
Drink Coke, it's better than Pepsi.
by Keegster April 28, 2003
alternative name for coke (cocaine)
She loves the fizzy feeling pepsi leaves in her nose / oop, looks like she's going for the pepsi challenge in the vip room
by vonchali December 22, 2010

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