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A drink compared to Coca Cola but made and marketed towards hillbillies. This soda has a slight urine taste masked by sweetness.
Hey sissy, we ain't got no more two liters of Pepsi, we's gonna need to have another yard sale to pay for some more.
by fatrickp February 19, 2010
A rip-off of Coca-Cola, only tastes sweeter. Supposed to make people feel younger. Endorced by rappers, shows semi with hydraulics in commercials. Tastes like shit.
Me: I'll have a Coke please.
Waitress/Waiter: Ok.
<Hands me a Pepsi>
<Waitress'/Waiter's body never found>
by Spatter Artist February 21, 2006
For when they're out of coke.
Person 1: Why do they even sell Pepsi?
Person 2: For when they're out of coke.
by Lurielle September 24, 2010
Another word for a frenchman because they're both empty from the neck up.
That Pepsi is a frog.
by Mike December 29, 2004
PEPSI is an acronym that stands for: Powerful Ejaculation Produced by Strained Intercourse". PEPSI is used to sum up a sexual experience that spurred amazing pleasure. Although it's common use is to exclaim pleasure or satisfaction so great, it's comparable to an orgasm.

Kelly: Oh my god, last night was amazing!
Emily: So he...(interrupted)
Kelly: Totally Gave me a PEPSI!!!!!

(Above)Proper Use.
(Below)More Common Use.

Sarah: There's no room in the car, Kelly's gonna have to sit on your lap on the way there.
Timmy: Oh my god, PEPSI.
by Joseph Vidalii January 23, 2008
Devil Juice, Crap, Worse than Coke.
"Hey Earl do you wanna get me a pepsi?"

"Hell naw thats devil juice"
by DrkTy March 15, 2005
piss + vinigar
don't drink it
by blah November 17, 2003