See what Coke is doing and copy it.
New Mindeltraxethyl Berry Pepsi! (Kind of running out of flavor modifications here)
by Brisk June 08, 2004
A brand of pop that relies solely on what Coca-Cola makes. Can not invent a flavor of Pepsi by themselves even if their lives depended on it.
Look at all the kinds of Coca-cola there are. Sure enough, Pepsi has that same kind.
by . August 27, 2004
Just some drink that turns grown-ups teeth into tombstones and makes children run around like theyre nuclear powered.
Neighbour: 'Gees Doris your kid is so energetic! Is he on speed? By the way when did you last visit a dentist?'

Doris: 'We just won a years worth of Pepsi cola'
by apoo July 31, 2004
The retarded step child of Coca-Cola products. Basically the employees of Coca-cola thought it would be really funny to take the original formula of Coke, put MORE carbonated water and LESS syrup into the mix, then add a small amount of heroin and a mysterious amount of drain cleaner. They sold their first batch on April 1st, 1939 in a small disclosed location. One year later the formula was brought to the public and those addicted those too stupid enough to read the ingredients.
Guy One: "What are you drinking?"
Guy Two: "Pepsi. Would you like some?"
Guy One: "Some of that jacked up, inbred soda product? Hell no!"

Guy One: "I used to drink pepsi until I got diagnosed with cancer."
#drugs #heroin #drain cleaner #coke #retard
by FrickleFrackle22 August 24, 2009
The name for a person/comp that tried to rip off your idea but just ended up making it worse... yours,coca-cola=the real thing, will always be superior!
The stars will always shine, the birds will always sing
As long as there is thirst, there's always the real thing
Coca-cola is always the one
Whenever there is fun, there's always coca-cola
do do do do dood, do do do ,do do (doo dood do do doooh)
do do do do dood, always coca-cola!
by coca October 21, 2003
Inferior to coca cola
Mike only likes Coca cola. He thinks pepsi is some kind of cow urine.
#cola #soda #cafeen #puke #shit
by Mike Wise August 05, 2006
Some crappy beverage that was made to "Try" to compete with coca cola.
Pepsi Sucks. Alot. And coke owns.
by weoghporhnwpoanpl;fjwepof May 23, 2005
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