A cola company whos advertising as gradually subsided to not really promoting their own cola, but more towards demoting coca cola.
Pepsi Executive #1: How about this for a commercial! A rough looking man with a shotgun walks into a bar, and starts shooting everyone, but instead of bullets, they are cans of coke! It ends with "Coke, it'll kill you."

Pepsi Executive #2: I love it!
by sebastiancee November 04, 2007
Derogatory Anglo Canadian slang for a francophone Quebecer. One explanation is that English-Canadians used to mock the dietary habits of Quebecers by saying they ate poorly and drank pop (ie: Pepsi)
Those guys from Quebec are a bunch of pepsi's.
by Beowulf_cam February 15, 2005
A French Canadian who frequently speaks in broken english and wears a Willy Wonka hat.
Hello Mr. Pepsi Cola! ;)
by Mrs. Pepsi Cola April 03, 2005
Pepsi; the greatest sugary drink on the planet... next to coke;

used as antidote for defending zombies (as seen in the movie 28 days later)

pepsi is the only cure for you when bitten by a zombie, you can also drink it before you are infected with the zombie virus, the sugary substance seeps into you blood thus warding off all forms of zombies big and small!
scenario 1:
victim: TAKE THAT EVIL ZOMBIE! (throws a bottle of pepsi at zombie knocking it to the ground)

Scenario 2:

Zombie: "i will eat you!"
Victim: "you cant because i drank pepsi!... WHAT NOW!"
by eanielld July 30, 2009
What happens when you mix coke with sewage.
I prefer my coke without sewage thanks. Keep the Pepsi away!
by Brienne January 21, 2004
What you get when all the ice in your Coca-Cola melts, making it all watered-down.
"Dammit, all the ice in my Coke melted. Anybody want a Pepsi?"
by shiznannigan December 07, 2003
a crappy version of coke,

also it has a terrible after taste,
person 1:"can i have a coke"

person 2:"sorry, we only have pepsi.is that ok?"

person 1:"i dont know, is monopoly money okay?"
by amkv123 February 21, 2010
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