some scrub that's a fuckin spick, likes to be tough online, but should know he'd get his ass whooped by practically anyone. Also crosses borders sometimes and picks your trash.
MM^PePpY in #mildmanner on gamesnet
by maka` February 09, 2004
Top Definition
Full of or characterized by energy and high spirits or lively is the right definition of peppy.
I'm really peppy for tonight, I hope everybody has as much fun as I'm having now.
by beniben November 24, 2009
large nipples that represent pepperoni. a.k.a pepperoni tits.
When that girl flashed me i realized she had peppies.
by Frankieofbtree February 07, 2011
Slang term for penis, mostly used for secret code, so noone knows wat your talking about.
Todd was getting his peppy pet.
Wow that peppy is large!
by Koolio3181 March 07, 2006
a really fat, ugly, (fugly), mean, stupid, has bad teeth, or drives a bus
"Man did u just see the face our bus driver made?" "Ya, she's really peppy!!!"
by shutupnsmile647 October 08, 2005
a penis covered in peanut butter. YUMMY!
"Eh' der' peppy!"
"Put a little peanut butter on that dick"
by North High Drumline November 20, 2007
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