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A sexual maneuver in which a woman grows out her sideburns until they are as large and bushy as those of former United States President Martin Van Buren (fake sideburns are acceptable) and her sexual partner uses these as handles while she performs oral sex eating a peppermint candy.
Jane: Your dick is minty fresh.
Paul: Yeah, I gave that hairy bitch Denise a peppermint Van Buren last night.

Glenn: Martin Van Buren was a forgettable president.
Walt: Maybe so, but I'll never forget the first time I got a peppermint Van Buren!
by PrezFetish December 11, 2008
When you make a girl grow out her sideburns until they are the size of Martin Van Buren's, and then you use them as handles for when she sucks your dick while eating peppermint candy.
I gave that hairy bitch a peppermint Van Buren that would make Ambrose Burnside proud as pie.
by AmHistFetsh September 30, 2008
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