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The act of applying a compound such as Icy hot or Tiger Balm to ones scrotal sack prior to inserting it into a persons mouth or placing on their face.

The person receiving the Peppermint Tea bag is usually sleeping prior to the act being initiated, but an exception to this would be if using a modified yokozuna technique to a person that is awake.

The best forms of the Peppermint Tea Bag for a sleeping victim include but are not limited to:
The Sauce - Place nuts on face and stir as if a pot of sauce.
The Dip - Lightly dip nuts as if placing a teabag into a cup of hot water.
The Steep - Slowly place nuts into mouth or rest on face and allow the Icy Hot to steep till the victim becomes aware of the tingling sensation.
The Slap - Slapping the scrotal sack against the face. Painful for the slapper, but slightly more humiliating for the slapped.
I gave that bitch Melissa a Peppermint Tea Bag while she was asleep. Just to prove a point.
by The Saucer's Video Man October 26, 2011
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