A person who makes a bad day amazing. This person makes people who are sad in a good mood.
That Pepper Shaker tore that party up. It was so cray last night. We were sitting on the couch until Justin Beiber came and started pouring shots for everyone.
by Be Otch December 21, 2012
Top Definition
A pepper shaker is the opposite of a cougar: it is a girl who dated boys older than her, instead of younger
Damn, Allison is such a pepper shaker. She'd suck her grandpa's dick!
by MissSwaggieLovesToJiggallow;) December 07, 2014
The ancient Eygyptian art of love making, became popular in the later 1450's. When you put a dildo in a girls mouth and pee in her pussy. The opposite of a salt shaker.
Last night when I was at my boyfriends house watching American Idol, he told me he had to go to the bathroom. I said alright, then go, so he pulled a pepper shaker on me.
by Astralis March 06, 2003
An inner city bus stopping to let off the passengers. Easily identified by the massive amount of African Americans spread about.
Sorry I'm late, I had to get through 2 pepper shakers. One got spilled all the way down Main Street!
by Schwillet May 11, 2011
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