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"pepperhead" a type of marijauna commonly found in New York, very distinct after taste
Blaze that shit!!!!1
by Dan December 11, 2003
Archaic derogatory term used to describe females (probably African American) of questionable virtue and/or with poor grooming habits. Little balls of lint, dust, detritus, etc. become snarled or entangled in the woman's unwashed hair, usually from sleeping in a dirty bed. Implying trashiness or tackiness, lower-class status, poor hygiene, flakiness. May imply promiscuity, but not necessarily. As described by 40's Blues Musician; Doug Clamfoot Quattlebaum - "Pepper Head Woman". See Ho ,Skank,Slutty,Buckshots
Ain’t nobody gonna be down there 'cept dem Hos and Pepper Head Gals.
by Soiaxnteneuf September 11, 2007
Bridgeport CT; Having the physical characteristics of a bell or spicy pepper

Spaztic; unpredictable like a pepper

Shut your mouth pepperhead(s)

I don't wanna go camping with him he's a pepperhead.

He used to be cool but then he turned into a pepperhead.

El presidante bush = pepperhead
by Cass--boogz March 22, 2004
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