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Basically, Peoria a boring town. You can find some nice people, yet overall, people have a skewed or no sense of humor at all. Pretty much nothing to do, no tourism, nothing. Filled with conservatives. It's the Armpit of the butthole of America.

Peoria, IL is a town with now hope or liveliness. If you have to move here, good luck.
Aah, this town sucks!

You think this place sucks? Go to Peoria, IL. There, you'll get a better taste of what "sucks" means.
by mrdance62 January 26, 2013
An isolated experimental wage slave camp in central Illinois. This camp is composed of at least 60-75% working poor who consistently vote conservative and against their own best interest, or don't vote at all. Most indigenous Peorians rarely travel outside the state, few leave the country. These individuals find comfort in franchise food and entertainment, where they give what little money they earn back to their corporate masters. Churches are filled on Sundays with those who control the masses, but mostly of those who have given up hope for any decent life in Peoria on some conscious or unconscious level. Culture consists of whatever higher powers have deemed appropriate for them to be exposed to. Old South-African apartheid results are in effect, however they are couched in real-estate, tax based politics.

In summary, a model town for conservatism and a shitty place to live.
The Supreme Court ended the labor camp experimental city of Peoria, IL today stating, "Life there was cruel and unusual punishment."
by Flank 601 May 31, 2014
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