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A 1986 coup d'etat that became a so-called revolution, no thanks to some economic hitmen and greedy oligarchs jealous of Ferdinand Marcos, who was able to prevent an oil crisis that ravaged many Western countries in the 1970's. It signaled the end of 13 years of peace, progress and stability and the return of the oligarchs that fucked the Philippine nation and its citizens.
Jake: Are you going to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the "People Power Revolution"?
Raul: No way. I'm sick and tired of that shit. Plus, I am not a Yellow Zombie and I don't like the so-called celebrities that are part of that self-serving "celebration".
Jake: Yeah. And what kind of government are we in? A mixture of a kakistocracy, theocracy and elite democracy. Can't wait for 2016, so I can cast my vote for Bongbong Marcos.
Raul: Me too. Can't wait for him to become president in 2016!
by Lakeside Freestylist February 25, 2011
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