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A gential area that has both male and female characteristics. The combination of a penis and a pussy.
Dude, sometimes when I take a leak I do it standing up, sometimes sitting down. Having a penussy is very confusing. Stop talking about my penussy.
by El Duce November 26, 2004
A mutated, transgender sexual organ, that is produced when a lengthy, and sometimes faulty, sex change occurs. It's physical appearance varies, but tends to look like a ripple, nubby penis, with a very small scrotum.
Victoria Manwoman, leader of the penussy club, has a sweaty penussy that the club members ritualistically suck and lick weekly. In exchange for the licking ceremony, club members receive Ed Hardy Clothing, Uggs, Blackberries, Unlimited Texting, and blowjobs whenever they please. The ceremonies will continue until Manwoman's penussy is fully transformed into either a vagina or a penis; the initial gender of Victoria Manwoman is not clear to the public, and is a hidden secret of the penussy club.
by xXx69TheMainBro69xXxo March 19, 2009