The five sided building which was allegedly hit by a plane. However, why was there only a 14 foot wide hole in the wall, and no plane debris anywhere...?

Check the facts and you'll be shocked..
A plane hit the pentagon on 9/11

More like a missile if you look at the facts..
by Prem Shah September 27, 2006
The pentagonal building serving as the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, near Washington, DC. The Pentagon's unique shape makes it a highly efficient office building. Although the Pentagon has 3,705,793 square feet (1,129,526 meters) of office space, it is possible to reach most points in the building within 10 minutes, a remarkable architectural achievement. In a building which coordinates the armed forces of the United States along with organizations responsible for intelligence and security, workers often need to be able to access each other quickly.
The idea of the Pentagon was conceived in 1941, when Brigadier General Brehon Sommervell was trying to solve the problem of limited space for the Department of Defense, a serious issue in the Second World War. It was agreed that a new building was needed, and a groundbreaking ceremony took place on 11 September, 1941. It took just two years to complete the building on former marshlands along the outskirts of Washington, and the Pentagon was quickly filled with communications equipment and staff to coordinate the Department of Defense.
1. Where Bush's monkeys sit and try to pronounce the names of the countrys they are bombing

2. A five sided shape with five corners

3. What wannabe Satanists draw on their walls, genitals and on the ground in white chalk
1. There's a mass without roofs. Let's bomb 'em!

2. This shape has five sides. Lets go for a walk and discuss the matter further

3. Nah, only joking. I'm not another member of the greedy society. Brothers
by The G November 21, 2003
The most down ass drinking group in the world. Members include The Dr., Your Royal Nastiness, Brando, Sleezy Lee, and 40 Hands. They have set out incredible records with beerpong and "stats."
"Ah shit the Pentagon's here? Hide the beer and the girls!"
by 40 Hands August 27, 2006
like being a square, but you are stupid 5 times in a row instead of 4.
Mike: Wow, what a square!
James: No, she's a pentagon, she has been way more stupid that.
by Cheesey Wackjob February 20, 2011
1. The new airport which opened on 9/11
2. Shape with 5 sides
1. Flight 911 to the airport, we will be shortly landing.
by N. Gin September 12, 2010
The goverment's war buliding Located in washghtion D.C., You may have noticed it on CNN or any other news station when 9/11 happened. The buliding was hit by a Boeing jumbo jet and was named flight 77. If you notice the entire wingspan of a Boeing is 44 feet long, But why did the plane only leave a 14 foot hole in the side of the pentagon. And there wasnt much wreckage left over from the Boeing inside and outside of the buliding. They also have a picture floating around somewhere of a F-15 engine found inside the pentagon and it is way smaller compared to a Boeing's engine. Some theroies are that the buliding was hit by a cruise missle or a fighter jet and a missle at the same time. Most of the boeing supposely vaporized from the impact and jet fuel when it made first impact with the buliding. I am not saying this is true but there is some evidence showing that there may be a conspiarcy involved with 9/11. The main theroy is we attacked our own land to make the middle east look bad, So americans would support any kind of war with a middle eastern country, So we could obtain the liquid gold formely know as "OIL". I also find it weird that Osma Binladen did not get as much atteion as he deserved for being the master mind behind 9/11.(unlike saadam husein). There is also information about the two planes that hit the World Trade Cetner towers were filled with explosives And even missle's. They also say the base of the buliding was filled with bombs also.

search this topic up you may be wondering if there is more going around that we think!
Hey did you see the pentagon on T.V.
by go0000000gle bob October 13, 2006
*A shape with 5 corners.

*Another name for the USDoD, which is a massive, pentagon-shaped building (hence its name), which serves as the center for all national defense information, planning, coordinating, etc etc.
"Donald Rumsfeld is the Secretary of Defense. He's also bad-ass."
by Dave September 09, 2004

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