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A shortend term for penetration during a sex act! only 1 silibal so sex can be achieved much quicker.
"Come her love, let me mount you and give you some peno"
by Mike Hilton November 20, 2007
1. A common typing error for penis

2. Another word for penis expressing its greatness and hugeness of antique dimension

Man 1: Hey, if I buy you a pizza, will you show me your penos?

Man 2: Dude, are you gay?!

Zeus (dark, loud voice): Unworthy mortals, behold my mighty penos! I will punish you all!

Townsman (crying): Oh noooo!!! We're doomed now! His penos will send us straight to hades!
by CreepyDude December 18, 2006
Abreviation of 'Penetrate' or 'Penetration,' used specifically in reference to sexual activity.
"I've got a good feeling i'm gonna peno someone tonight."

"Last night I was getting double peno from two guys at once."
by scoole October 26, 2009
Lack of a penis, can be substituted for "pussy"
Man, he is such a peno, he wouldn't even take a shot of vodka at the party.
by GLCG February 19, 2008
a drug that is sold on the streets
Jim sold sum penoes on the streets.
by lil bk November 28, 2006
alex tan a fish catcher (dirty) symonym- or a bass player for tpr
man look at that dirty peno
by jack burg November 08, 2007
The same word as penis except with an o instead of the i.
You have a huge penos.
by Penos Johnson July 09, 2005