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Best south bay punk band ever. From Hermosa Beach, California. First album out in 1988, they sing about making this world a better place. Check 'em out.
Jim - lead vocals
Fletcher - guitar
Byron - drums
Randy - bass guitar
Pennywise is the sickest band ever. Let's go to a Pennywise show.
by The Ver March 09, 2003
86 46
A known skiddie to the IRC world with no life besides sitting on meaningless chat servers attempting to anger people or "rage" them, in order to boost his internet reputation. Skills are very little, besides a sick sense of humor and a defined method to be hated by most.
You need to stop flooding the channel, you're beginning to look like pennywise, shall I show you the door?
by imn0tt3llingy0u August 18, 2008
41 15
the dancing clown, AKA bob gray, robert gray, or *dun dun dun* IT
wow, pennywise killed stan and eddie, holy shit dude, youre stuck in the deadlights
by Andrew Giminiani April 30, 2003
53 31
Is a creepy clown who comes out of the movie "It", and tries to eat Adam Griffin in his sleep and Michelle Hatch when eating a fortune cookie.
Penny wise says everything floats down here.
by Max Logan October 05, 2006
12 4
A punk band fronted by a guy with a lisp.
I thay thuck authority!
Thilent majority!
Raithed by the thystem!
Now itth time to rithe againtht them!
Were thick of your treathon!
Thick of your lieth!
Fuck no, we wont lithten!
We're gonna open your eyeth!

Fuck Authority by Pennywise
by Raazmonkey August 30, 2006
22 40
sexy bitches
i got a boner from pennywise
by werd October 11, 2003
18 67