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Famous Beatles song, also an alias one would use to hide their true identity.
See the movie "Almost Famous" as an example.
by Penny Lane December 23, 2004
Street intersecting with Abbey Road, across from Strawberry Fields. Also, it has a store selling Glass Onions.
theka djakdhgadsk gfahd akjd hgkasdhgakhdfgasgl ja PEnny LAne
by Why do you care, Stalker? March 20, 2004
a total hippie head shop, located in Springfield, IL. on the lower floor the have a blacklight room, t-shirt type of room,poster room, and shitload of other stuff. you have to 18 or older to go upstairs, and thats for obvious reasons. Pretty much anyone who works there is a pothead and almost all the customers are too. The outside of Pennylane is painted pretty tight and so in one of the rooms (they recently remodeled it).
I fucking love Pennylane, it has an awesome atmosphere and smells great becuase of the incents.

by heyhihello January 14, 2007
Pennylane is associated with hippies, and also The Beatles classic song "Pennylane". It was also the female character in "Almost Famous". Pennylane is not a very common name, but very cool if you have it.
Pennylane is in my head.

Look at Pennylane over there!
by Music90 November 04, 2010
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