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Satirical look at gaming, gamers and the industry. Intelligent writing + Good artwork. Raised over half a million dollars for childrens hospitals in 2 years form its readership alone. You do not have to play games to get most of the jokes, but its way worthwhile if you do.

Quote Gabe: "Hey, listen. That was testicorp on the phone, looks like you didn't get that Testicle Inspector job."

Quote Tycho: "I flipped of a box of kittens."

Penny Arcade is wack!
by Josh The Misanthrope October 12, 2005
1. A coin operated arcade game that only costs a penny to play.

2. A web comic found over the net. (
1. I want to play that arcade game, and it only costs a penny.

by J* December 28, 2003
The funniest gaming-based comic on the web. (Warning - deliciously unsafe for work!)
The guys over at Penny Arcade can really make with that funny!
by Sabrina July 31, 2003
A web-comic that doesn't get nearly enough credit from you guys :P
Penny-Arcade is at least worth checking out-
by Cardboard Tube Samuri May 25, 2003
My only source of entertainment on those long, lonely nights devoid of video games. This is one of those nights.
by Shortass July 31, 2003
The most rockin gamers web-comic.
Regardless of what these lame ass fags say.
PA for life.
by Joe Somebody July 24, 2003
A cultish religion which holds that the idea that Pacman is our God, creator, and savior.
Do you want to join Penny-Arcade?
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
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