pennsylvania means "penns woods" after william penn but that meaning is inaccurate. it should mean "penns hell hole"
its extremely boring with nothing good to do and the people who live there suck. especially poeple from the lehigh valley.
i live in pennsylvania so i want to kill myself
by sea July 28, 2005
Land of the amish, hershey chocolate, M&M mars, and horrible, horrible roads. Nothing worthwhile came from this state, save the chocolate. A simple explanation can be given: It's the state next to New Jersey.
We've been spending most our lives livin' in an amish paradise.
by n3k0 January 19, 2004
An East Coast state which is generally regarded in a incredibly negative light by travelers and tourists, it's one redeeming factor being the infamous Philly cheesesteak.
(example deemed unnecessary, being as it would merely restate every other example on this page.)
by demon February 04, 2004
The only Northeastern state full of hicks. The Philadelphia area is the exception to the hicks statement. There's also way too much Christian/Catholic tradition and too many Christian/Catholic schools and colleges. Ultimately, the state is just plain boring, and really not advancing in the least bit. It's almost like if you are heading to PA you're actually heading backwards in time.
Pennsylvania? (yawn)
by what the heck June 03, 2004
Rude - The people that live in this state are the rudest people ever to live on this planet.
How can anyone deal with the pennsylvania attitude in this room.
by Pennsylvania hater March 21, 2005
Pennsylvania is home to the best college in the country, Penn State.

Pennsylvania is better than some states -- as previously stated, Kentucky, Alabama, Alaska, West Virginia, and Iowa. That is where the list ends.

Pennsylvania consists of the fattest people in the US - Pittsburgh, and the most obnoxious people in the US - Philadelphia. Both football teams are wildly overrated, and both cities have trouble winning national championships.

The entire state smells of cow manure. Can you say "country"? Beer must be purchased in 192 ounce increments, and liquor in a separate store. There are no beaches. There are no casinos. There are no good baseball teams.

The Flyers. The Sixers. The Eagles. The Steelers. Smarty Jones. Obviously, the state has a problem with choking in the big game.

And everyone has the clap.
"Man, Pennsylvania sucks. let's go to a better state."
by Matt April 11, 2005
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