The State has the worst roads and traffic ticket laws in the whole country. There are meddling dutch people who have an attitude problem and are suspicious of everybody who is not Dutch. It is taboo to walk in some of the Northeast cities because of fat paranoid dutch people. It is filled with bigoted conservative pigs who hate everybody that is not German. There are old people who do not like people who have black hair and often sit on their porch with police scanners. Philadelphia is the armpit of all the Northeast cities and is just known for its cheese steaks. The suburbs if filled with pretentious snobs who call the police on people who do not drive BMW, Volks Wagon, or Ford(its a german thing).
Friend: Why is that dutch lady with the tennis hat giving me a dirty look?
ME: She is part of neighborhood watch and wants to call the police. She is bored.


Friend: Why do people have stickers with the letters N-R-A?
ME: It is a bunch of extreme libertarian people who live in the woods and suburbs who want to shoot somebody for no reason.

Friend:Why do people have such a hard ass attitude?
ME: It is a German thing.
by ConservativeGermanScumbag March 10, 2013
It's a state that every single person from the internet that I talk to is from.

The people there seem to think that they're state is hotter, has more farms, and has more road construction than any other state. They should try living in a midwestern state, like Iowa.
I'm from Pennsylvania!
Me too!
So am I! I'm from State College.

I hate living in Pennsylvania. There's too many farms and the roads are always under construction and it's 165°F every day.
part of the east coast's infamous "emo trio" (NJ, PA, MD/DC) from which a lot of the country's best emo bands come. also a lot of the country's crappiest, but oh-bloody-well.
Jacob's heart-wrenching voice and lyrics are making an appearance up in PA this weekend...anyone interested?
by Lauren February 19, 2003
HICK COUNTRY USA! all of us go to new jersey for everything...cow tipping is cool though neck world
by PA LOVER July 21, 2006
pennsylvania means "penns woods" after william penn but that meaning is inaccurate. it should mean "penns hell hole"
its extremely boring with nothing good to do and the people who live there suck. especially poeple from the lehigh valley.
i live in pennsylvania so i want to kill myself
by sea July 28, 2005
A state which is full of drugs and alcohol and is disguised as nice by it's forests and mountains. To most people who have moved from out of state it is a horrible place. The people are ignorant and lame. The small towns of this state are infested with drunkers and druggies.
Pennsylvania is a horrible state. Visit or move at your own risk of being tortured by the bordome od nowhere to go and the ignorance and rudeness of the people.
by Billybobpatrioticpride August 14, 2006
Land of the amish, hershey chocolate, M&M mars, and horrible, horrible roads. Nothing worthwhile came from this state, save the chocolate. A simple explanation can be given: It's the state next to New Jersey.
We've been spending most our lives livin' in an amish paradise.
by n3k0 January 19, 2004
An East Coast state which is generally regarded in a incredibly negative light by travelers and tourists, it's one redeeming factor being the infamous Philly cheesesteak.
(example deemed unnecessary, being as it would merely restate every other example on this page.)
by demon February 04, 2004

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