Pennsylvania. The nice part of Pennsylvania. Far removed from the drug and gang violence of Philadelphia and the wrenching rust belt desperation of Pittsburgh, the area, when depicted on a map resembles the capital letter 'T'. The term most likely originated in the soulless suburbs of Northern New Jersey, upon which point usage spread to Central and South Jersey and ultimately, the white ghettos of South Philadelphia, and that city's affluent suburbs.
Ted: 'Youre from Philly?'
Tip: 'No, Pennsylvania.'
Ted: 'Oh. What's the difference?'
Tip: 'We aren't rude or obnoxious'

The Capitol of Pennsyltucky is Camp Hill- we invade Harrisburg at dawn.
by john a duffy October 12, 2006
refers to a location deep in the middle of nowhere.
My grandparents live way out in the middle of pennsyltucky.
by steiz October 02, 2011
The region of the United States stretching from northern Pennsylvania, south through the center of Pennsylvania, west into West Virginia and finally into Kentucky. Pennsyltucky is a continuous region bound together by similar demographics and geography. At about two-hundred miles wide and nearly a thousand miles long, Pennsyltucky composes a large area of the
eastern United States. Generally, the region does not include urban areas, with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh most commonly cited as excluded. Everyone's welcome though!
Pennsyltuckian: "Let's drive across Pennsyltucky, there's a bluegrass festival in Louisville this weekend!"
Non-pennsyltuckian: "What?" "Yuck!" or "I don't know, is it safe?" or "Is there any good shopping on the way?"
Pennsyltuckian: "..."
by A pennsyltuckian February 24, 2011
A rude name that smarmy, arrogant, and obnoxious people (usually from Northern NJ or Montgomery Co., PA) use to describe a place that they would actually rather live, but are too jealous to admit it.
Why live in Pennsyltucky when I can live in the garbage state?

Why live in the suburbs when I have a stronger chance of being shot in a drug related crime?
by Sick of stupid people August 29, 2004
Region of Pennsylvania located west of Philadelphia and east of Pittsburgh and extends north to New York. The area is known to be a place where marriage to a cousin or uncle is actually frowned upon, because the relationships are to far removed. Towns located in this region generally only have 3 or 4 different last names in the phone book. Also if you have a car newer than 1992, or all your paint on your car still exists and matches you are considered "rich" in that region. There is little tolerance for anyone who is not missing at least 3 teeth, in many towns the person missing the most teeth is considered the mayor.
In Pennsyltucky Niggers, Jews, Chinese, Mexicans, and Muslims are all considered the devil.

by PhillyMan September 24, 2006
A state in which it is considered 'gauche' to marry outside your immediate family. You are required to own at least two off-road vehicles and if you have a firm grasp of the English language you are considered a homosexual. Non-whites are severely frowned upon as are people with their own identity, thoughts and more than three books in their home...unless those books include Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if..." or "Guns and Ammo" or any book pertaining to incestuous relationship with your daughter. This state is known for it's infamously archaic infratstructure, most notably it's highways and byways. It's chief exports include 'Yeungleung' beer, coal and tarts with floppy breasts and flabby white legs who dance in G0-GO bars in NY and NJ and who compete visciously with the Russian and Brazilian girls for that 'almighty dollar'. One final note on 'Pennsyltucky': it might be said that the mullet is alive and well in this godforsaken state.
I went to Pennsyltucky this weekend to play a little golf and nearly got ran off the road by some mullet wearing neanderthal and his sister/wife.
by Fred Norris March 12, 2003
The regions of Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Referred to this due to it's vast numbers or Amish and rednecks.
When I was out in Pennsyltucky country, I noticed a lot of people lived in shacks.
by morweht May 04, 2003

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