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Penn State Brandywine is a satellite campus of Penn State in Media, PA. The students that attend brag that they don't go to delco. The school is 90% male. This explains why most people say Penn State Brandywine is a giant sausage fest. The school's teachers pretend to be your friend; but are really gay pedophiles during the night, such as Dr. Paul Orlov. Since there are no parties at Brandywine, the students like to hit up West Chester University on the weekends, where it takes 30 minutes to sign into the dorms and the frats are infested with whores whose mothers would actually believe they don't do crack cocaine. Penn State Brandywine is known for some of the gayest student activities known to man such as condom bingo. There is nothing about this school that is different from any other, besides the fact that you'll find 20 douchebags all competing for the same girl.
person 1: yo where do you go to college again?
person 2: penn state
person 1: oh nice you must be partying it up every weekend
person 2: dude you know i am...
person 2: JK i go to Penn State brandywine
person 1: sucks dude i heard that place was a sausage fest
person 2: are you kidding me? yolanda goes there shes pretty hot
person 1: *throws up*
by hhuhhhhhhh September 01, 2010