a shitty corner of the universe situated in north wales, it is inhabited by the creatures known as chavs, the scum of the world.
i went to penmaenmawr today, yeah it was shit, stood on a hyperdermic needle and caught aids.
by Spunk shop September 07, 2008
Top Definition
Quiet, lazy town on the North Wales coast. Surrounded by mountains, with a beach at the front, great place to lounge and get smashed! Mushrooms (of the magic variety!) grow EVERY year locally....so if you want a decent conversation with a local, don't try during july-october, you won't get much sense from them unless you speak 'tripping balls'.

That said, Penmaenmawr is a definite step up from Colwyn Bay or Rhyl......those places are filled with scummy scousers and dirty manc's. They actually call it a 'holiday'...

We have our monuments e.g. : 'Rose Hill' the nightclub which is open 6pm friday-6am monday (continuous!)
Kebab-Duls : Where you can get any food you want, at any time! (as long as its kebabs, between 9-12pm)
The Snooker Hall : forget what they do there....
The Gladstone : A Public House...that isn't even in Penmaenmawr (In Dwygyfylchi)
Open Mic Night in The Alex : Come sing, play instruments and puke on a transvestite!
Pete Magic : The local Magician, can make alcohol disappear in the blink of an eye!
Our Patented Asphalt 5 a side pitch : Yes you read correctly!, the fun of 5 a side, on the luxurious comfort of asphalt!

Just to comment on the comment above, Penmaenmawr has been Smack-head free for over 5years! We drove them all into the sea :D (I think most of them went to Colwyn Bay, or Llanfairfechan)

I have lived in a lot of proper shit holes, but i must say, Penmaenmawr is the nicest shithole so far!

Citizen of Penmaenmawr : MoTT Mi
by MoTT Mi July 21, 2013

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