To be very assured of yourself, or cocky.
He gets that brand new car and all the sudden he acts like a penisy little bitch.
by nastynate17873 November 15, 2007
Top Definition
an alternate way of saying cocky
Chris: I got one!
Peter: Good, kid. Don't get penisy on me!
by Dainsworth69 October 20, 2007
Being full of yourself.
Man you are so penisy now, that you have gotten laided
by jack1730 February 27, 2009
To describe a flavor
This sandwich tastes penisy.
by Dan991 February 06, 2013
This word has multiple definitions:
1. An extremely annoying person.
2. A queer person who isnt gay but acts queer.
3. A dumbass with shitty comebacks.
4. An asshole.
5. A handsome penis.
1. Joe: I cannot stand kyle, hes so freaking annoying!
Fred: I know! Hes quite penisy.
2. Jacob: alec wanted to play the nervous game with me and i was like... No.
Sean: hes sooo penisy
3. Ex boyfriend: Shannon, i hate you. You should like die and get killed by a car.
Shannon: (to friend) my ex is so penisy!
4. Bully: karen your so fat and ugly you dont deserve to live.
Karen: god why are you so penisy?
5. Penis: do you think im handsome
Vagina: very much so baby. You are extremely penisy!;)
by Thesillydumplingkid June 29, 2012
To feel the urge for a homosexual encounter.
I've come over all penisy tonight.
by nongayway February 17, 2008
something you think is good,cool,the shit, or all of the above.
wow these nachos are pretty penisy!
by will1224 March 26, 2007
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