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every male has penis envy because they either feel inadequate or they brag about how big their penis is and cause penis envy in others
Jimmy has penis envy because Jon's is bigger
Jon brags about the size of his penis which makes Jimmy have penis envy
by MineIsBiggerThanYoursIs February 14, 2005
When your best guy friend gets jealous of the guy that is actually boning you.He will try to tell you bad things about the guy that is boning you.
Ted: The guy that likes you has a small penis, you shouldnt go out with him.
Sheri: Ted i think you have a slight case of penis envy
by bubbles the dominatrix June 08, 2005
Sigmund Freud’s Penis Envy Theory
Women want to work = they envy the penis
Not kidding, that’s how he came up with this.
He was doing a study on women by talking to men. His theory was based on what men told him.

Karen Horney proved Freud’s theory wrong a few years later. She did a study about women with women.
Women want to work = Penis Envy
by TazMania January 28, 2008